It's not homeworkHomework! For both parents and children the mere thought of this word creates anxiety, frustration and tears. Perhaps you are reliving the “nightmare” that just never seemed to end last school year. Are you tired of nagging, arguing, bribing and even threatening your children about homework? If you, answered “yes” then these Seven Strategies for Homework Success are for you:

Strategy One: Eliminate the word “homework” replace the word with:

  • Brain Fuel Time
  • Study time

Strategy Two:  Establish a homework routine:

  •  Work with your child to decide what time of day is best for homework
  • Unpacking the backpack
  • Reviewing homework assignments
  • Develop a homework plan
  • Create a homework “survival kit”

Strategy Three: Allow your child to make choices about homework preferences:

  • Location and time
  • Best way to start
  • When to take a break

Strategy Four: Become a “consultant” rather than a “helicopter” or “drill sergeant” parent.

  • Do not hover or do your child’s homework
  • Ask questions rather than tell:

    What part do you understand?
    What do you think the answer is?
    Can you tell me how you go that answer?

Strategy Five: When you talk about school and homework make sure your messages convey:

  • Empathy
  • Acceptance
  • Encouragement
  • Optimism

Strategy Six: Teach your child organizational and time management skills:

  • Use binders and folders
  • Develop a homework checklist
  • Create a homework folder
  • How to prioritize
  • Using calendars

Strategy Seven: Walk the Talk

  • Create “brain fuel” time” for all members of the family
  • Pay bills, review the mail, or complete some other responsibility
  • Read a book
  • Turn off all electronics

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