Liz’s parenting philosophy is based on the works of Drs. Alfred Adler and Rudolf Driekurs known as Adlerian Psychology. Dr. Adler believed in a positive, respectful and nurturing approach to parenting that would deepen the parent-child relationship; an approach that would foster the development of a capable, confident, caring, resilient, respectful and responsible child. The most powerful means of influencing behavior between any two people is the strength of the relationship. Dr. Adler strongly discouraged spoiling and pampering children.

Liz’s strategies and techniques reflect the following Adlerian principles:

Children are social beings
A child’s behavior is goal-oriented
A child’s primary goal is to feel a sense of belonging and significance
A misbehaving child is a discouraged child
Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn
Make sure the message of love gets through
A child is equal in value to adults

“Children learn what they experience. They are like wet paint. Any word that falls on them makes an impact.” –Haim G. Ginott

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