When preoccupied with family issues, employees are unable to give their full attention to their work. By offering Parenting Workshops at your place of business, employers demonstrate their commitment to working parents juggling the demands of work and family.Liz’s workshops provide practical, easy to learn solutions to common parenting challenges. Parents gain tools, tips and techniques for communicating with their children—without requiring parents to spend any more precious time away from them.Workshop participants display reduced absenteeism, improved morale, and increased productivity. Your employees will be happier at home and in the workplace, leading to less staff turnover and reduced recruitment expenses.

Workshops are offered as a series or a single seminar or may be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your employees.

What Parents Say About Companies That Provide Seminars

“The company is looking out for the employee’s family well-being by presenting this seminar. I feel very positive about my employer.”

“The Company cares about me both at home and on the job.”

“The fact that they’re taking an interest in improving our family life improves my attitude toward my employer.”

“My employer is showing an interest in my family and trying to make it possible to present ways of parenting so I can concentrate more on my job with fewer worries about my child.”

To book a Parent Enrichment Workshop for your company, email liz@lizwarrickparentcoach.com or call (781) 254-1682 today.