Let’s face it: raising children is a challenging experience that reaps both rewards and frustrations. Books offer concepts but they cannot provide parents the ongoing relationship and focused support necessary to bring about effective, long-term change.

I will help you work through the day-to-day struggles to find sustainable and balanced solutions for a thriving home environment, keeping with your values and beliefs. There is no single quick fix; parenting takes emotional investment and time and I am here to help you.

Not everyone needs to have a problem or an issue to fix; many of my clients are parents whose families are happy and thriving. Instead, they are seeking assurance, innovation and refreshing versatility in their styles and techniques of parenting.

Parent Coaching ~ Is an approach to help parents work through the growing number of ordinary parenting issues, behavior and child development questions to find solutions that can be sustained for the long term.

Hourly Consultations ~ I know parents call me because they want immediate relief. If you are struggling with a particular parenting challenge or situation and would like a more effective strategy to solve your problem, relief is just a phone call away.

In Home Consultations~ Are you looking for a supportive non-judgmental, compassionate observer to visit your home and see what life is like in your home? By spending time with you and your family I will gain a greater understanding quickly of the systems, structures or techniques that aren’t supporting your parenting goals. Together we will devise an action plan to help you achieve your goals for you and your family.

Parent Enrichment Workshops ~ Workshops address “everyday” parenting issues, behavior and child development questions and provide new approaches.

Parent Conversations:  Invite your friends, book club or mom’s group to join you for a morning, lunch or evening of conversation, camaraderie, strategizing and fun. Liz Warrick, Parent Coach will facilitate a 2 hour customized conversation on the specific parenting topic(s) or your group’s choice.

Nanny Acclimation, Support & Mediation:  I will partner with you in creating a personalized plan to acclimate your nanny to your family, home, parenting values and community and provide you with continued support.

Still have questions or want to talk more?  I am always happy to discuss which service might be best for your situation.  Contact me by email at liz@lizwarrickparentcoach.com or phone (781) 254-1682.