Teacher Workshops

Are you looking for a respectful, structured classroom management approach that builds student responsibility and a caring learning community? Would you like to build an inclusive classroom where students of all races, classes, genders or learning styles are empowered to become positive leaders and learners?

Liz’s Teacher Workshops provide classroom staff with practical behavior management methods, facilitate communication between teachers and parents, and provide consistency for the child between home and school. Watch challenging behaviors improve as children develop positive and respectful communication skills.

“Liz provided many new techniques to use in the classroom. I remember one in particular – using “I notice” statements in dealing with a child who was having difficulty in school. Noticing them doing something good had such a positive effect on their behavior in the classroom and their relationship with the teachers and students!” — Janice Casey, United Methodist Nursery School

“As a teacher, I found Liz Warrick’s strategies a valuable learning tool. Her techniques were innovative and practical. I would highly recommend her course to anyone interested in improving their skills. Thank you Liz for making my job as an educator that much easier.” — Dolly Brennan, United Methodist Nursery School

Workshops are offered as a series or a single program or may be tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Course Credit: 10-15 PDPs 15 hours =1.5 CEUs

*Approved professional development provider by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Listed below are the most popular development programs:

Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom:
Low Stress Strategies for Highly Successful Educators

This workshop promotes successful school discipline, enhances teacher-student relationships and creates a positive atmosphere for students.  The most common statement about Love and Logic techniques is “they’re easy and work immediately.”

Positive Classroom Discipline:
Developing Mutual Respect, Cooperation, and Responsibility

This interactive workshop is designed for teachers, counselors, school staff and administrators seeking an effective discipline approach that integrates social and emotional learning while reducing challenging student behaviors.

Promoting Social and Emotional Competence

Designed for Early Childhood Professionals, this workshop utilizes a conceptual model developed by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning which provides evidence-based practices for promoting social and emotional competence and for addressing challenging behavior in young children.

To learn more about Liz’s Teacher Workshops, email liz@lizwarrickparentcoach or call (781) 254-1682.