“As a COO for a pharmaceutical company I have learned that if I have big presentations, a public speaking coach is needed to make sure I do the best I can. If I am taking on more management responsibilities, I get a management coach to be the best manager. I am a parent so why not be the best I can be?

I find it is important to know that it is possible to make it go more smoothly. You hear such variable styles out there and it is hard to know what works for your kids.  However, that being said I have seen you work with 3 families, including my own, that have variable situations- all with great outcomes.”

— J.M. Mom of two girls 10 & 8

“After working with Liz the transformation at home was amazing.  From me being frustrated and yelling all the time – the kids not only behaved better, but we actually had fun together.  I am thankful to Liz for not only giving me the skills to be a better parent but for helping me form a better relationship with my boys.

If you are frustrated and not enjoying your time with your kids – then go spend time with Liz.  She will help you change the dynamics at home so you can enjoy your time with your kids.  No matter how young or old your kids – there are always opportunities to help your kids and yourself build a better communication bridge for life.”

— L.M. Mom of two boys 5 & 3

“Liz eliminates the stressful questions: ‘what do I do…when my child is having a tantrum, won’t get dressed, isn’t listening, etc.?’ She doesn’t just offer the most practical tools to manage these tough, everyday parenting moments, she teaches you how, and when, to use them.

I’ve read so many parenting books, but nothing can beat practicing the skills with a patient teacher who is working directly with you and your kid. I have become a much, much more relaxed and happy parent.”

— V.C. Mom of two boys ages 5 & 1

“As a teacher, I found Liz Warrick’s strategies a valuable learning tool. Her techniques were innovative and practical. I highly recommend her course to anyone interested in improving their skills. Thank you, Liz, for making my job as an educator that much easier.”

– Dolly Brennan, United Methodist Nursery School

 “The #1 thing I got out of coaching process with Liz was greater confidence in my parenting skills. As a result, my children are more cooperative and I am less stressed.”

— L.M. Mom of two boys 6 & 4

“Convenience is key.  Because you came to me it was easier to get my husband involved.  And best of all—your tactics WORKED!! It is possible to make it go more smoothly. Call Liz immediately!”

— J.M. Mom of two girls ages 8 & 10.

“The preschool recommended I speak to Liz and I was so glad I did. Liz was like a life raft in the stormy seas of parenthood! She reassured me that all the things I was going through were normal. Liz helped me see our interactions with our son from a new perspective and made some simple suggestions that really worked. I now have three children and have used those same suggestions for years. Sometimes all you need is to clear the gunk off the windshield and head in a new direction, Liz can really help parents do that.”

— T.M. Mom of three 10 year old boy two girls 6 & 8.

“Liz is a great source for help when it comes to parenting strategies. She has helped us communicate better with our toddlers and understand their behavior. After a session with Liz, the issues we once thought were insurmountable seem easy to approach.  We now have a healthier relationship with our children and we feel confident that we can handle whatever challenges lie ahead.”

— M. T.   Dad of two boys 5 & 3 years old.

“I came to Liz because our three daughters are only three years apart and what had worked for years was not working for us as they got older. I had never been to a parenting class before and considered myself quite competent in that department. But after repeatedly hearing Liz’s name come up in discussions with other parents and hearing how pleased they were, I sought her out.

I found Liz to be a wonderful blend of compassion and intellect as well as being down to earth and resourceful. Everyone felt comfortable speaking freely about their children and their parenting style without feeling judged. Liz loves her work and her enthusiasm was infectious! I left with the realization that no one parenting approach works for all children. Using the tools Liz gave me, I was better able to recognize the triggers ahead of time, thereby averting an escalation of emotions and also was able to approach each child with a consequence and reaction appropriate for their emotional make up, not just their age. I am very pleased with Liz and would recommend her most strongly and without reservation to anyone who struggles with either a specific issue or would like a fresh perspective on parenting. Parenting is a privilege and I am truly grateful that Liz respects the child as well as the parent in her approach.”

— C.K. Mom of three girls 9, 8 & 7.

“First of all I love the forum of a group of moms all with similar concerns/questions coming together to discuss with an expert. It’s an initial relief just to know that everyone is dealing with the same issues and I learn so much from hearing Liz’s response to other moms on problems I may not yet have (but probably will soon!). 

Second, Liz had an excellent solution to every problem that my friends or I would bring up. She has never been unable to address any crisis that my friends or I have shared with her! It’s amazing! Her advice always clicked with us as well. Once she explained a strategy to use, it was always something that made a lot of sense and was very straight forward and simple yet something we would have NEVER thought of on our own! Liz really got us to shift our entire approach of childrearing to one of teaching our children through every experience rather than just disciplining. That overall relaxes everyone in the family because the parents don’t have to think of themselves as always having to be the ones to say “no” but rather being the ones who teach, explain and enjoy interacting with their kids!!!”

— D.B. Mom of two 5 year old son & 1 year old daughter.

Still have questions or want to talk more?  I am always happy to discuss which service might be best for your situation.  Contact me by email at liz@lizwarrickparentcoach.com or phone (781) 254-1682.