I offer a variety of classes throughout the year.  I also offer workshops and classes to PTA’s, MOMS Clubs, Parenting groups, Preschools and more. If you are interested in coordinating an event for your group please contact me at 781 2541682.

At this time, many parents are scheduling  “Parent Conversations”.

Would you and your friends enjoy discussing parenting topics in the comfort of your home over coffee, lunch or even a glass of wine?  Here is what one mom had to say about this program:

“First of all I love the forum of a group of moms all with similar concerns/questions coming together to discuss with an expert. It’s an initial relief just to know that everyone is dealing with the same issues and I learn so much from hearing Liz’s response to other moms on problems I may not yet have (but probably will soon!). 

Second, Liz had an excellent solution to every problem that my friends or I would bring up. She has never been unable to address any crisis that my friends or I have shared with her! It’s amazing! Her advice always clicked with us as well. Once she explained a strategy to use, it was always something that made a lot of sense and was very straight forward and simple yet something we would have NEVER thought of on our own! Liz really got us to shift our entire approach of childrearing to one of teaching our children through every experience rather than just disciplining. That overall relaxes everyone in the family because the parents don’t have to think of themselves as always having to be the ones to say “no” but rather being the ones who teach, explain and enjoy interacting with their kids!!!”

— D.B. Mom of two 5 year old son & 1 year old daughter.

Parent Conversations:  Invite your friends, book club or mom’s group to join you for a morning, lunch or evening of conversation, camaraderie, strategizing and fun. Liz Warrick, Parent Coach will facilitate a 2 hour customized conversation on the specific parenting topic(s) or your group’s choice.

2013-2014 Parent Enrichment Schedule

August 21, 2013 Back to School  SOLD OUT!
September 25, 2013 Eliminating Homework Hassles
October 23, 2013 Family Meetings
November 2013 Contributions to the Family
January 2014 Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
February 2014 Speaking Your Child’s Love Language
March  2014 Connection, Connection, Connection
April 2014 Spring Renewal – Planting Seeds
May 2014 Taking Care of Mom

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Still have questions or want to talk more?  I am always happy to discuss which service might be best for your situation.  Contact me by email at liz@lizwarrickparentcoach.com or phone (781) 254-1682.